Lawrence Lavery

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Title Professor
Expertise Wound Healing
Institution University of Texas Southwestern
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Procalcitonin to diagnose and monitor osteomyelitis
We plan a cohort study of 40 subjects admitted to hospital with a diabetic foot infection in order to compare serial bone biopsies (the current “gold standard”) and procalcitonin to diagnose and monitor the effectiveness of therapy for osteomyelitis. We will collect specimens as part of an existing trial to evaluate negative pressure wound therapy in diabetic infected wounds. A high proportion of these patients has osteomyelitis and will receive standard therapy including repeat bone biopsy and parental antibiotics. We expect repeated measurement of procalcitonin will be highly correlated with repeated bone biopsy after antibiotic treatment has been completed to determine if therapy has been successful or if additional antibiotic therapy is needed.

Progress Reports
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Procalcitonin to diagnose and monitor osteomyelitis (Lavery, Lawrence)
5/7/2015View Progress Report Document

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Year: 2019; Items: 1

Are We Misdiagnosing Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis? Is the Gold Standard Gold?
Lavery LA, Crisologo PA, La Fontaine J, Bhavan K, Oz OK, Davis KE
The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, 2019 (58), 713 - 716

Year: 2017; Items: 1

The value of inflammatory markers to diagnose and monitor diabetic foot osteomyelitis.
Van Asten SA, Nichols A, La Fontaine J, Bhavan K, Peters EJ, Lavery LA
International wound journal, 2017 (14), 40 - 45

Year: 2015; Items: 1

The Role of Biomarkers to Diagnose Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis. A Meta-analysis.
van Asten SA, Peters EJ, Xi Y, Lavery LA
Current diabetes reviews, 2015

Year: 2014; Items: 2

Randomized clinical trial to compare negative-pressure wound therapy approaches with low and high pressure, silicone-coated dressing, and polyurethane foam dressing.
Lavery LA, La Fontaine J, Thakral G, Kim PJ, Bhavan K, Davis KE
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 2014 (133), 722 - 726
Submitted Externally
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy With Low Pressure and Gauze Dressings to Treat Diabetic Foot Wounds.
Lavery LA, Murdoch DP, Kim PJ, Fontaine JL, Thakral G, Davis KE
Journal of diabetes science and technology, 2014 (8), 346 - 349
Submitted Externally
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