Advanced glycation end products as predictors of renal function in youth with
type 1 diabetes.
Authors Forbes JM, Le Bagge S, Righi S, Fotheringham AK, Gallo LA, McCarthy DA, Leung S,
Baskerville T, Nisbett J, Morton A, Teasdale S, D'Silva N, Barrett H, Jones T,
Couper J, Donaghue K, Isbel N, Johnson DW, Donnellan L, Deo P, Akison LK, Moritz
KM, O'Moore-Sullivan T
Submitted By Josephine Forbes on 5/5/2021
Status Published
Journal Scientific reports
Year 2021
Date Published 5/1/2021
Volume : Pages 11 : 9422
PubMed Reference 33941808
Abstract To examine if skin autofluorescence (sAF) differed in early adulthood between
individuals with type 1 diabetes and age-matched controls and to ascertain if
sAF aligned with risk for kidney disease. Young adults with type 1 diabetes
(N?=?100; 20.0?±?2.8 years; M:F 54:46; FBG-11.6?±?4.9 mmol/mol; diabetes
duration 10.7?±?5.2 years; BMI 24.5(5.3) kg/m2) and healthy controls (N?=?299;
20.3?±?1.8 years; M:F-83:116; FBG 5.2?±?0.8 mmol/L; BMI 22.5(3.3) kg/m2) were
recruited. Skin autofluorescence (sAF) and circulating AGEs were measured. In a
subset of both groups, kidney function was estimated by GFRCKD-EPI CysC and
uACR, and DKD risk defined by uACR tertiles. Youth with type 1 diabetes had
higher sAF and BMI, and were taller than controls. For sAF, 13.6% of variance
was explained by diabetes duration, height and BMI (Pmodel?=?1.5?×?10-12). In
the sub-set examining kidney function, eGFR and sAF were higher in type 1
diabetes versus controls. eGFR and sAF predicted 24.5% of variance in DKD risk
(Pmodel?=?2.2?×?10-9), which increased with diabetes duration (51%;
Pmodel?Pmodel?individuals with type 1 diabetes at high versus low DKD risk. eGFR was
independently associated with DKD risk in all models. Higher eGFR and longer
diabetes duration are associated with DKD risk in youth with type 1 diabetes.
sAF, circulating AGEs, and urinary AGEs were not independent predictors of DKD
risk. Changes in eGFR should be monitored early, in addition to uACR, for
determining DKD risk in type 1 diabetes.