Volumetric, Nanoscale Optical Imaging of Mouse and Human Kidney via Expansion
Authors Chozinski TJ, Mao C, Halpern AR, Pippin JW, Shankland SJ, Alpers CE, Najafian B,
Vaughan JC
Submitted By Joshua Vaughan on 7/30/2018
Status Published
Journal Scientific reports
Year 2018
Date Published
Volume : Pages 8 : 10396
PubMed Reference 29991751
Abstract Although light microscopy is a powerful tool for the assessment of kidney
physiology and pathology, it has traditionally been unable to resolve structures
separated by less than the ~250?nm diffraction limit of visible light. Here, we
report on the optimization, validation, and application of a recently developed
super-resolution fluorescence microscopy method, called expansion microscopy
(ExM), for volumetric interrogation of mouse and human kidney tissue with
70-75?nm lateral and ~250?nm axial spatial resolution. Using ExM with a standard
confocal microscope, we resolve fine details of structures that have
traditionally required visualization by electron microscopy, including podocyte
foot processes, the glomerular basement membrane, and the cytoskeleton. This
inexpensive and accessible approach to volumetric, nanoscale imaging enables
visualization of fine structural details of kidney tissues that were previously
difficult or impossible to measure by conventional methodologies.

Investigators with authorship
Charles AlpersUniversity of Washington
Joshua VaughanUniversity of Washington