As a matter of fat.
Authors Brookheart RT, Michel CI, Schaffer JE
Submitted By Jean Schaffer on 3/31/2010
Status Published
Journal Cell Metabolism
Year 2009
Date Published 7/1/2009
Volume : Pages 10 : 9 - 12
PubMed Reference 19583949
Abstract Excess fatty acid accumulation in nonadipose tissues is a hallmark of metabolic
disease. When elevated lipid levels exceed the cell's capacity to store or
utilize fatty acids, a lipotoxic-response is elicited, characterized by
destruction of organelle membranes, activation of stress pathways, and
apoptosis. This Minireview focuses on the mechanisms by which lipid overload
causes nonadipose cell death and contributes to the pathogenesis of obesity and

Investigators with authorship
Jean SchafferWashington University in St Louis