Dyslipidemia impairs mitochondrial trafficking and function in sensory neurons.
Authors Rumora AE, Lentz SI, Hinder LM, Jackson SW, Valesano A, Levinson GE, Feldman EL
Submitted By Eva Feldman on 9/26/2017
Status Published
Journal FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Year 2017
Date Published 9/1/2017
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PubMed Reference 28904018
Abstract Mitochondrial trafficking plays a central role in dorsal root ganglion (DRG)
neuronal cell survival and neurotransmission by transporting mitochondria from
the neuronal cell body throughout the bundles of DRG axons. In type 2 diabetes
(T2DM), dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia damage DRG neurons and induce
mitochondrial dysfunction; however, the impact of free fatty acids and glucose
on mitochondrial trafficking in DRG neurons remains unknown. To evaluate the
impact of free fatty acids compared to hyperglycemia on mitochondrial transport,
primary adult mouse DRG neuron cultures were treated with physiologic
concentrations of palmitate and glucose and assessed for alterations in
mitochondrial trafficking, mitochondrial membrane potential, and mitochondrial
bioenergetics. Palmitate treatment significantly reduced the number of motile
mitochondria in DRG axons, but physiologic concentrations of glucose did not
impair mitochondrial trafficking dynamics. Palmitate-treated DRG neurons also
exhibited a reduction in mitochondrial velocity, and impaired mitochondrial
trafficking correlated with mitochondrial depolarization in palmitate-treated
DRG neurons. Finally, we found differential bioenergetic effects of palmitate
and glucose on resting and energetically challenged mitochondria in DRG neurons.
Together, these results suggest that palmitate induces DRG neuron mitochondrial
depolarization, inhibiting axonal mitochondrial trafficking and altering
mitochondrial bioenergetic capacity.-Rumora, A. E., Lentz, S. I., Hinder, L. M.,
Jackson, S. W., Valesano, A., Levinson, G. E., Feldman, E. L. Dyslipidemia
impairs mitochondrial trafficking and function in sensory neurons.