Hyperlipidemia: a new therapeutic target for diabetic neuropathy.
Authors Vincent AM, Hinder LM, Pop-Busui R, Feldman EL
Submitted By Eva Feldman on 3/24/2010
Status Published
Journal Journal of the peripheral nervous system : JPNS
Year 2009
Date Published 12/1/2009
Volume : Pages 14(4) : 257 - 267
PubMed Reference 20021567
Abstract Emerging data establish dyslipidemia as a significant contributor to the
development of diabetic neuropathy. In this review, we discuss how separate
metabolic imbalances, including hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, converge on
mechanisms leading to oxidative stress in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) sensory
neurons. We conclude with suggestions for novel therapeutic strategies to
prevent or reverse diabetes-induced nerve degeneration.

Investigators with authorship
Eva FeldmanUniversity of Michigan