Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Revisited
Authors Sihem Boudina and E. Dale Abel
Submitted By E. Dale Abel on 9/24/2007
Status Published
Journal Circulation
Year 2007
Date Published 6/26/2007
Volume : Pages 115 : 3213 - 3223
PubMed Reference 17592090
Abstract Abstract—Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of heart failure independently of
underlying coronary artery disease, and many believe that diabetes leads to
cardiomyopathy. The underlying pathogenesis is partially understood. Several
factors may contribute to the development of cardiac dysfunction in the absence
of coronary artery disease in diabetes mellitus. This review discusses the
latest findings in diabetic humans and in animal models and reviews emerging new
mechanisms that may be involved in the development and progression of cardiac
dysfunction in diabetes.