Influence of Different Levels of Lipoic Acid Synthase Gene Expression on
Diabetic Nephropathy.
Authors Xu L, Hiller S, Simington S, Nickeleit V, Maeda N, James LR, Yi X
Submitted By Xianwen Yi on 10/12/2016
Status Published
Journal PLoS ONE
Year 2016
Date Published
Volume : Pages 11 : Not Specified
PubMed Reference 27706190
Abstract Oxidative stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy (DN)
but outcomes of many clinical trials are controversial. To define the role of
antioxidants in kidney protection during the development of diabetic
nephropathy, we have generated a novel genetic antioxidant mouse model with
over- or under-expression of lipoic acid synthase gene (Lias). These models have
been mated with Ins2Akita/+ mice, a type I diabetic mouse model. We compare the
major pathologic changes and oxidative stress status in two new strains of the
mice with controls. Our results show that Ins2Akita/+ mice with under-expressed
Lias gene, exhibit higher oxidative stress and more severe DN features
(albuminuria, glomerular basement membrane thickening and mesangial matrix
expansion). In contrast, Ins2Akita/+ mice with highly-expressed Lias gene
display lower oxidative stress and less DN pathologic changes. Our study
demonstrates that strengthening endogenous antioxidant capacity could be an
effective strategy for prevention and treatment of DN.

Investigators with authorship
Nobuyo MaedaUniversity of North Carolina
Xianwen YiUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill