Serial studies of mouse atherosclerosis by in vivo magnetic resonance imaging
detect lesion regression after correction of dyslipidemia.
Authors Trogan E, Fayad ZA, Itskovich VV, Aguinaldo JG, Mani V, Fallon JT, Chereshnev I,
Fisher EA
Submitted By Edward Fisher on 3/4/2015
Status Published
Journal Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology
Year 2004
Date Published 9/1/2004
Volume : Pages 24 : 1714 - 1719
PubMed Reference 15256400
Abstract We determined the effects of sustained normocholesterolemia on advanced mouse
atherosclerosis and whether changes in plaque size and composition can be
detected noninvasively by MRI.

Investigators with authorship
Edward FisherNew York University School of Medicine