Akt1 in the cardiovascular system: friend or foe?
Authors O'Neill BT, Abel ED
Submitted By E. Dale Abel on 3/4/2015
Status Published
Journal The Journal of clinical investigation
Year 2005
Date Published 8/1/2005
Volume : Pages 115 : 2059 - 2064
PubMed Reference 16075047
Abstract Akt is an important signaling molecule that modulates many cellular processes
such as cell growth, survival, and metabolism. Akt activation has been proposed
as a potential strategy for increasing cardiomyocyte survival following
ischemia. In mammalian cells, 3 distinct isoforms of Akt exist, but their
precise roles in cardiovascular biology were previously unknown. Three separate
studies published in this issue of the JCI now provide important new insight
into the central role of Akt1 in the regulation of angiogenesis and the
maladaptive or deleterious consequences of chronic unregulated Akt activation in
the heart (see the related articles beginning on pages 2108, 2119, and 2128).
Here we discuss the implications of these exciting new studies.

Investigators with authorship
E. Dale AbelUniversity of Iowa