Free fatty acid oxidation in insulin resistance and obesity.
Authors Abel ED
Submitted By E. Dale Abel on 3/4/2015
Status Published
Journal Heart and metabolism : management of the coronary patient
Year 2010
Date Published 9/1/2010
Volume : Pages 48 : 5 - 10
PubMed Reference 23646039
Abstract The growing worldwide epidemic of obesity and diabetes portends a significant
increase in cardiovascular disease. Obesity is associated with insulin
resistance, and there is growing evidence that these conditions independently
increase the risk of heart failure. Changes in myocardial substrate utilization
develop in obesity and insulin resistance, and are characterized by increased
fatty acid oxidation and utilization, and decreased glucose utilization. This
paper will review the evidence for altered myocardial fatty acid utilization in
obesity and insulin resistance, review mechanisms that are responsible, and
discuss the relative contributions of systemic and myocardial insulin resistance
in the regulation of fatty acid utilization in the heart.

Investigators with authorship
E. Dale AbelUniversity of Iowa