Insulin signaling: implications for podocyte biology in diabetic kidney disease.
Authors Coward R, Fornoni A
Submitted By Alessia Fornoni on 1/6/2015
Status Published
Journal Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension
Year 2015
Date Published 1/1/2015
Volume : Pages 24 : 104 - 110
PubMed Reference 25415617
Abstract Several key elements of the insulin signaling cascade contribute to podocyte
function and survival. While it was initially thought that the consequences of
altered insulin signaling to podocyte function was strictly related to altered
glucose uptake, it has become clear that upstream signaling events involved in
cell survival, lipid metabolism or nutrient sensing and modulated by insulin are
strong independent contributors to podocyte function.

Investigators with authorship
Alessia FornoniUniversity of Miami - Medical Campus