Disorders of cranial nerves IX and X.
Authors Erman AB, Kejner AE, Hogikyan ND, Feldman EL
Submitted By Eva Feldman on 12/2/2014
Status Published
Journal Seminars in neurology
Year 2009
Date Published 2/1/2009
Volume : Pages 29 : 85 - 92
PubMed Reference 19214937
Abstract The glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves mediate the complex interplay between the
many functions of the upper aerodigestive tract. Defects may occur anywhere from
the brainstem to the peripheral nerve and can result in significant impairment
in speech, swallowing, and breathing. Multiple etiologies can produce symptoms.
In this review, the authors broadly examine the normal functions, clinical
examination, and various pathologies of cranial nerves IX and X.

Investigators with authorship
Eva FeldmanUniversity of Michigan