Obesity, immunomodulation and chronic kidney disease.
Authors Börgeson E, Sharma K
Submitted By Kumar Sharma on 10/29/2013
Status Published
Journal Current opinion in pharmacology
Year 2013
Date Published 8/1/2013
Volume : Pages 13 : 618 - 624
PubMed Reference 23751262
Abstract Obesity-induced inflammation is associated with numerous pathologies and is an
independent risk factor of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The prevalence of CKD
is escalating and current therapeutic strategies are seriously lacking in
efficacy, and immunomodulation has been suggested as a potential new therapeutic
approach. Indeed, specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs), such as lipoxins
(LXs), resolvins and protectins, have demonstrated protection in adipose
inflammation, restoring insulin sensitivity and adiponectin production, while
modulating leukocyte infiltration and promoting resolution in visceral adipose
tissue. Furthermore, SPMs display direct renoprotective effect. Thus we review
current evidence of immunomodulation as a potential strategy to subvert
obesity-related CKD.

Investigators with authorship
Kumar SharmaUniversity of California San Diego