The Link Between Obesity and Albuminuria: Adiponectin and Podocyte Dysfunction
Authors Kumar Sharma
Submitted By Kumar Sharma on 3/18/2009
Status Published
Journal Kidney international
Year 2009
Date Published 7/1/2009
Volume : Pages 76(2) : 145 - 148
PubMed Reference 19404275
Abstract With the recent rise in world wide obesity, obesity-related albuminuria is now
being recognized as a critical risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However,
there is an urgent need to better understand this association. Recent clinical
studies suggest that the adipocyte hormone adiponectin may play a key role in
the development of obesity-related albuminuria. Moreover, studies with the
adiponectin knockout mouse indicate that adiponectin can regulate podocyte
function and thus contribute to the initial development of albuminuria. Future
studies to examine adipocyte-renal cell biology are needed to develop preventive
and therapeutic strategies for combatting the complications of obesity.

Investigators with authorship
Kumar SharmaUniversity of California San Diego


Adipoqadiponectin, C1Q and collagen domain containing