Insulin Signaling in Heart Muscle: - Lessons from Genetically Engineered
Authors E. Dale Abel
Submitted By E. Dale Abel on 8/5/2005
Status Published
Journal Current hypertension reports
Year 2004
Date Published 12/1/2004
Volume : Pages 6 : 416 - 423
PubMed Reference 15527684
Abstract The heart is an insulin-responsive organ, and disorders o finsulin action, such
as diabetes and obesity, can have profound effects on cardiac performance.
Insulin signaling influences numerous functions within the heart, such as
netabolic substrate preference, cell size, and the response of the heart to
ischemia and hypertrophy. Because the systemic consequences of altered insulin
action can have significant but indirect effects on the heart, the generation of
mice with altered expression of insulin receptors and key components of the
insulin-signal transduction pathyways in cardiomyocytes have led to interesting
and occasionally suprising new insights into the regulation of cardiac biology
by insulin.

Investigators with authorship
E. Dale AbelUniversity of Iowa