Integrating genetic and gene expression data to study the metabolic syndrome and
diabetes in mice.
Authors Drake TA, Schadt EE, Davis RC, Lusis AJ
Submitted By Richard Davis on 2/11/2009
Status Published
Journal American journal of therapeutics
Year 2005
Date Published 1/3/2006
Volume : Pages 12(6) : 503 - 511
PubMed Reference 16280644
Abstract Increasingly, the mouse is becoming the standard model for mammalian physiology
and disease. It can be genetically analyzed and manipulated with relative ease.
Moreover, the endogenous genetic variation that exists among inbred mouse
strains can be exploited to identify genetic control of complex physiologic
processes involved in diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, among other
conditions relevant to human disease. Recent advances in genetics and gene
expression technology have greatly increased the knowledge to be derived from
this approach when applied to traditional genetic studies.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles