Diabetic nephropathy: leveraging mouse genetics.
Authors Breyer MD, Qi Z, Tchekneva E
Submitted By Matthew Breyer on 2/8/2009
Status Published
Journal Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension
Year 2006
Date Published 5/1/2006
Volume : Pages 15(3) : 227 - 232
PubMed Reference 16609287
Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Advances in mouse genetics have made this species
particularly useful as a model for human disease. This review will summarize
recent advances regarding the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy discovered in
mice. RECENT FINDINGS: Diabetic nephropathy has been characterized in novel
genetic models of murine diabetes including the Akita, Ove26, and ICER-Igamma
mice. Mutagenesis resources targeting every gene of the genome and the
importance of inbred genetic background are discussed. SUMMARY: Through the use
of these resources mouse models should provide new insight into the pathogenesis
of diabetic nephropathy, and complement human studies and validate the identity
of candidate genes contributing to diabetic nephropathy.

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Matthew BreyerJohnson & Johnson