Genetic loss of insulin receptors worsens cardiac efficiency in diabetes.
Authors Bugger H, Riehle C, Jaishy B, Wende AR, Tuinei J, Chen D, Soto J, Pires KM,
Boudina S, Theobald HA, Luptak I, Wayment B, Wang X, Litwin SE, Weimer BC, Abel
Submitted By E. Dale Abel on 10/31/2012
Status Published
Journal Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology
Year 2012
Date Published 5/1/2012
Volume : Pages 52 : 1019 - 1026
PubMed Reference 22342406
Abstract To determine the contribution of insulin signaling versus systemic metabolism to
metabolic and mitochondrial alterations in type 1 diabetic hearts and test the
hypothesis that antecedent mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to impaired
cardiac efficiency (CE) in diabetes.

Investigators with authorship
E. Dale AbelUniversity of Iowa