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Year: 2017
Program: Pilot & Feasibility
Gastro-Intestinal (GI)
Wound Healing
Program: Conference Support
All Complications
Program: Collaborative Funding Program
Wound Healing
Wound Healing
Program: Summer Student Opportunities
Alteration in the gut microbiome influences diabetes development in AID-deficient NOD mice
Brown, Kristina
Yale University

Mentor: Wen, Li (Yale University)
Analysis of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Risk Factors, Causes, and Quantitative Measurement tools
Vaidya, Palavi
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Mentor: Najarian, Kayvan (University of Michigan)
Androgen Receptor Inhibition Prevents Dihydrotestosterone-induced Hepatic Insulin Resistance
Obi, Chukwuemeka
Johns Hopkins University

Mentor: Wu, Sheng (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Changes in antihyperglycemic therapy with insulin initiation for type 2 diabetes.
Dotimas, James
Johns Hopkins University

Mentor: Clark, Jeanne (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Deficiencies in pancreatic ß-cell Ca2+ ATPase SPCA1 alter Golgi Ca2+ Homeostasis
Parimanath, Elizabeth
Indiana University - Indianapolis

Mentor: Molina, Carmella
Developing optimal type 2 diabetes genetic risk communication strategies is important for effective risk communication between physicians and their patients.
Staples, Halley
Indiana University - Indianapolis

Mentor: Wessel, Jennifer (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Glucocorticoids Induce Osteoporosis through Decreased Sensory Innervation
Parrott, Kendall
Johns Hopkins University

Mentor: Crane, Janet L. (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Impact of Glucose Control and Regimen on Limb Salvage in Patients Undergoing Vascular Intervention
Moore, Johnston
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mentor: Pearce, B.J. (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Islet Amyloid Deposition Occurs In Residual Insulin-Positive Islets In Type 1 Diabetes
Dixon, Graham
University of Washington

Mentor: Hull, Rebecca L. (University of Washington)
Patient Activation Implications on Interactive Voice Response Calls for Veterans with Uncontrolled Diabetes
Katiyar, Urvashi
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Mentor: Rosland, Ann-Marie (University of Michigan)
Performance of different screening methods on gestational diabetes
Aldana, Paola
Johns Hopkins University

Mentor: Turan, Ozhan (University of Maryland-Baltimore)
Preliminary data on therapeutic effects of Irbesartan in a novel, tubular injury-specific mouse model of diabetic nephropathy.
Suresh, Caroline
Massachusetts General Hospital

Mentor: Bonventre, Joseph (Brigham and Womens Hospital)
Standardizing Depression Screening in Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus within a Multi-Disciplinary Pediatric Clinic
A., Taryn
University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center

Mentor: Kelsey, Megan (University of Colorado)
STATSTRIP® Glucose Monitor Performs Accurately in Hyperglycemia Ranges
Hatch, Matthew
University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center

Mentor: Nadeau, Kristen J. (University of Colorado)
The C-Kit receptor: a stem cell marker expressed in kidney collecting duct intercalated cells
Theodoru, Andrea
Massachusetts General Hospital

Mentor: Brown2, Dennis (Massachusetts General Hospital)
The Region-Specific Regulation of Complement in Diabetic Retinopathy
Lewis, Sean
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Mentor: Fort, Patrice
The role of keratinocytes in MRSA infection during hyperglycemia
Patel, Shivani
Columbia University in the City of New York

Mentor: Parker, Dane (Columbia University)